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Bob's Automotive Repair
2001 Ogden Ave.,
Downers Grove IL 60515


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2001 Ogden Ave.,
Downers Grove IL 60515

FAX: (877)470-4725
E-mail: bobsautomoto@yahoo.com

Customer Reviews

Recommended by Ralph - 02/27/13
My best friend recommended this place because my other mechanic went out of business. These guys are quick, honest and reliable. It s hard to find good car repair places that won t rip off a clueless person like myself. I m thankful I found Bob's Automotive Repair Shop because I know I m going to get fair prices & quality work. I love the positive energy at this shop.

Recommended by Bella - 02/07/13
Great shop, knowledgeable technicians, and the most honest service in the area! I am completely satisfied with this shop. I have been going here for nine years without a problem. I highly recommend this shop to all.

Recommended by Rob - 12/07/12
Best mechanics I have ever been to, even beats my old mechanic back home in New York. No mechanic has ever taken so much care to explain exactly what is wrong with my car. It is a very good feeling to find a mechanic that you CAN trust and who you know is not trying to make money off of you by offering to fix things that are not broken. As long as I am in Chicago this shop will have my business.

Recommended by Jack - 11/20/12
This place is as good as it gets! Family owned and operated. They have been in business in Downers Grove for literally decades. Honest work done at an honest pay rate. Tired of the shady mechanics - come check out Bob's Shop!

Recommended by Kevin - 11/03/12
This auto shop has consistently given me good, honest service. Whenever I would have a problem, I would always get ripped off anywhere else. But this shop always levels with me and tries to get me the best deal possible. Today, a problem that could have potentially cost me hundreds of dollars by being misdiagnosed, ended up only costing me $35 with the help of Bob! I would recommend this shop to anyone!

Recommended by Larry - 10/11/12
This place is awesome. There work is spot on and they gave me the lowest quote out of three different shops in the area. The owners are really nice and no matter how busy they get they always get your car done on time so you can get back on the road again. Can t recommend a better place to entrust your car.

Recommended by Michael - 09/18/12
A place to get your car fixed where you don t have to worry about getting ripped off is priceless. Very friendly and quick service. This will definitely be my go to auto shop from now on.

Recommended by Justin Lyann - 09/12/12
LOOK NO FURTHER! It s hard to find a mechanic you like and trust...Bob's Auto makes sure the service crew diagnoses and resolves the problems quickly and efficiently. The whole crew are nice, trustworthy and efficient! This family-owned business proves to live up to all these raving reviews!

Recommended by Jake - 08/31/12
Aside from the terrific service, Bob's Automotive guys are as honest as the day is long and I know if they tell me I need to get some work done, it needs to be done. Likewise they are always looking to keep the repairs and service in check and takes as much pride in saving me money as they do in the work their shop performs. These guys do business the way it should be done, they treat their customers the way you hope people would treat you and most of all I always feel I get value and peace of mind for my money.

Recommended by Linda - 07/19/12
Bob's is great! I send friends here to get their car fixed because I know they will not get ripped off. They are so good. David and Vicki are a team committed to doing the right thing. David is talented with auto repairs. You are in good hands. It is worth the drive to Downers Grove.

Recommended by Daniel - 06/22/12
Bob s shop is awesome, they are fast and will let you know what you need to do now and what is optional. In fact, this is the only shop that told me that they didn t need a repair done and then showed me that the part in question was OK.

Recommended by Greg - 05/22/2012
Reliable honest mechanic. David and his team have been keeping my old car running well for several years now.

Recommended by Jessy - 05/02/2012
I would definitely recommend this company to everyone! It s very reliable and trustworthy. They are always prompt and take pride in their work. I have used them for several months, and am happy with their service. All in all great experience!

Recommended by John - 03/30/2012
I would recommend this repair shop to my family and friends. The owner really cares about his customers. I needed to get the front end on my Prius repaired after my neighbor backed into the car. I knew my neighbor wanted to avoid using his insurance, so I wanted to bring my car to a place where the work would be good but also as affordable as possible. Bob's Auto gave me a quote and the final cost was exactly as quoted (incidentally, much less than another body shop). I picked up my car today and it looked amazing - they even fixed a little extra. My car looks brand new again. It s nice to know there are businesses like this one.

Recommended by Carry Thomas - 11/29/2011
I couldn't be happier and will go back in a heartbeat the next time I need service. It's a great facility, the people were friendly, polite and clearly knowledgeable, down to the woman answering the phone. I went there for a minor repair, after a small accident, just wanting a "can you make it look better, it's a 8 yr old car" type of repair. Well, they made it look better, pretty much perfect. Much more than I expected. I would recommend them anytime.

Place you CAN trust by Jessica B. - 09/23/2011
Bob's Automotive shop provides the best experience when I need my car serviced. In the last five years, they have fixed the transmission, water pump, timing belt, etc. They also do body work. I have taken my car to Bob's when involved in an accident. Bob's repair shop is honest, quick, reliable, and fair. You won't regret spending your money at Bob's Auto!

AMAZING! by William M. - 11/19/2010
Bob's Auto is AMAZING! I've never trusted auto mechanics more. They take the time to explain exactly what they are doing and why, and they do it in a way I actually understand. I would recommend Bob's Auto Repair Shop to anyone and am thankful I have trusted mechanics to go to, if not just to ask for advice. I got quotes from other mechanics and nobody came close to their price or their "hospitality".

Pleasant experience by Chris - 09/16/2010
I highly recommend using this shop for any of your car needs. I took my BMW in to have the bumper repaired and suspension work done. They did a really great job! Looks and drives like new. I got 2 other body shops to give me estimates and Bob's Automotive Repair was by far the cheapest, almost half of what the other places wanted! Also the staff is really nice and helpful.